The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) traces its roots back to 1960. In March of that year, the Thai government established the Tourist Organization, the Kingdom’s first independent body to be specifically responsible for promoting tourism. It was renamed as the Tourist Organization of Thailand (TOT) in 1963.

The TOT’s first international office opened in New York in 1965, while the first regional office opened in Chiang Mai in 1968. As Thai tourism increased and became an increasingly important part of the Kingdom’s economy, the Thai government saw the need to place a greater emphasis on marketing the Kingdom as a destination for global travellers. In 1979, the government passed a bill that brought the Tourism Authority of Thailand into existence.

Since then, the TAT has grown into a sophisticated marketing organization with 26 international offices and 35 regional offices throughout Thailand. The TAT has helped to make Thailand one of the world’s favourite destinations for travellers, with over 26 million international visitor arrivals in 2013.

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